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Media articles 

The following are some of the media articles I have written, as well as interviews and presentations I have offered. 

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In this article , I explore the challenges that online hate speech poses in different parts of the African continent, and discuss these with different civil society opinion leaders. 

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In this article, published by Africa Portal, I analyse the emergence and viral growth of the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign on social media in 2020.



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I use this article and the COVID pandemic-driven rise of Kenyan digital sensation, Elsa Majimbo, to analyse Black digital feminism and its generative potential for Black women's digital activism.


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This article introduces my thinking on a conceptual framework I call African digital cosmpolitanism, and how it was practised during the pandemic.


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In this opinion piece for the Mail and Guardian, I discuss Hollywood tropes about Africa and how they affect perceptions of the continent. 

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In this article, I explore how digital technologies can be useful for feminist movement building 

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This article, featured in the UK Guardian, looks at how coverage of the Ebola epidemic has had impacts on the 'Africa rising' narrative. 

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Black women watch cricket too.jpeg

As an avid follower of cricket and other sports (such as Formula One racing), I interrogate stereotypes around women's lack of sporting literacy and how these foment sexist male perspectives within sports like cricket.

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I reflect on Zimbabwe's 2017 military intervention which ousted then president, Robert Mugabe, and give my forecast of a not-so-bright future for the country. 

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The following are video presentations and recordings of speeches. 


Public Colloquium on Media, Gender and Sexuality - USA 


In this presentation at the Five Colleges Women's Research Center, based in Massachusetts in the United States, I talk through the symbolic meaning of the highly critiqued Zimbabwe-born Big Brother UK participant, Makosi Musambasi.  


Interview about Her Zimbabwe - South Africa 


This interview was conducted with Fray Media at Rhodes University during the Highway Africa Media Conference where I was a speaker. 

Interview about careers in digital media - Rwanda 


This interview with Career Girls took place on the sidelines of a conference on digital media that I was attending, taking place in Rwanda.   

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