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Speaking engagements

Speaker; African Futures European Conference of African Studies,

Germany: 2023

I will be presenting a paper at this conference, hosted by the University of Cologne, titled 'An exploration of African digital cosmopolitanism through popular African blogs and websites'. The paper will explore how various African digital platforms can be seen as constituting an African digital cosmopolitanism that furthers conversations around African digital agency. 

Speaker; Migrant Belongings; Digital Practices and the Everyday Conference, Netherlands: 2021

I made a paper presentation at this conference, hosted by the University of Utrecht, exploring the links between the cultural capital of African writers and the digital space. 

Panel Moderator; Claiming our Stories, Raising our Voices Conference, Online: 2021

I made a paper presentation at this conference exploring the links between the cultural capital of African writers and the digital space. 

Speaker; Post-COVID-19: A (K)new World Reimagined Seminar, Online: 2020

I spoke about the Zimbabwean social movement #ZimbabweanLivesMatter during this series organised by the Atlantic Institute. 

Keynote Panel Speaker; Gender and Sexuality in Africa Symposium, USA: 2017

I sat on a keynote panel for this symposium organised and hosted at Dartmouth College.

Panel Moderator; African Feminist Conference, USA: 2016

I moderated an academic panel at this conference held at Pennsylvania State University

Speaker; Breaking The Code Summit, USA: 2015

I spoke at this conference, organised by International Women's Media Foundation, where I discussed the evolving dynamics of media coverage of gender issues in Zimbabwe.

Keynote Panel Speaker; Highway Africa Media Conference, South Africa: 2014

I spoke on this keynote panel, discussing 'algorithmic' censorship and how social media algorithms play a role in social media activism and what different groups see and respond, or react, to. 

Speaker; Women Deliver Conference, Malaysia: 2013

I spoke on a panel at the conference about myopic perspectives about African women and their gender-related experiences, as depicted by mainstream Western media. 

Speaker; Yari Yari Ntoaso Artists’ Conference, Ghana: 2013

I spoke on a panel about African women's digitality and creative impetus.

Speaker; Open Forum: 'Money, Power, Sex: The Paradox of Unequal Growth', South Africa: 2012

I spoke on a panel that focused on gender and sexuality-related activism online.

Speaker; TEDx Harare, Zimbabwe: 2012

I gave a speak about being online as a Zimbabwean woman, and what relaying women's digital experiences might look like. 

International Conference on Digital Crossroads: Media, Migration and Diaspora in a Transnational Perspective, Netherlands: 2012

I gave a a presentation about Zimbabwean women's digital experiences. 

Paper Presentation; International Conference of the Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society, Spain: 2011                      

I spoke about Zimbabawean media coverage of gender and sexuality. 

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