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The following are some of my key projects and interventions. 

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African digital cosmopolitanism 


I am currently theorising around what I refer to as African digital cosmopolitanism which references African digital practices, moments and platforms that contribute to situating Africans as simultaneously local and global digital citizens. 

I have an upcoming research chapter on this in the Media, Culture and Communication in Migrant Societies series as well as an article to be published in the Journal of African Media Studies. 

Her Zimbabwe


Her Zimbabwe was an award-winning web-based women's platform that I founded  in 2012, as an answer to my Masters' Dissertation study which highlighted the dearth of Zimbabwean women's online  spaces at that time. In its five years of operation, Her Zimbabwe - referred to by the UK Guardian as a portal of a nation - was active in digital literacy training (blogging, digital security, activism) and capacity building. It also published and disseminated a range of articles written by women in Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe's diaspora, and curated content form contributors in different parts of Africa. 

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Social media and social change 


I worked with the Australian College of Applied Psychology to develop a new curriculum on social media which is currently being taught to their undergraduate students. Titled 'Social media and social change', the curriculum consists of 12 three hour-long classes featuring theoretical concepts, practical examples 

Teaching blogging and digital practices  


I worked with the Stiftung Partnerschaft mit Afrika e.V. to design and implement a training curriculum for young people in Germany and different parts of Africa on how to use social media for social change. The programme entailed my conducting a rigorous with the participants in Bremen, Germany. During the training, I taught the participants about blogging, digital security and other digital practices. Each participant then had to set up a blog as part of their outputs from the training.

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Social media and social change 


Working with JASS on their feminist cross movement-building programme for southern Africa, I was a documentalist (photography, video and written content) for their activities in Johannesburg and Harare. I produced this article as part of the process. 

Project evaluation: sexual and reproductive health and rights 

I conducted a three-country project evaluation in east Africa  on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

You can read the report here.

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